Athol Evans


Athol Evans Complex has provided help and support to over 1700 residents in its time. We have made a commitment that we will, as far as possible, continue to look after our residents even though their financial circumstances might not allow them to pay the fees.

Zimbabwe has suffered severe economic difficulties in recent years and the elderly in particular have suffered as a result. The Complex has three regular sources of income:

1. Fees from our frail care and residential scheme patients
2. Levies from the residents of the 46 retirement cottages

Our only other source of income is from donations which are vital, but cannot be relied on because of their irregularity.

The Athol Evans Complex has been providing residential care for the elderly for all, irrespective of religion or race for 40 years. It is essential that our facility continues to offer a safe environment for those who have made such a valuable contribution to the country we all love so much. They must not be forgotten, feel neglected, frightened or abandoned. It is our job to make sure they don’t, but we cannot do it alone. Now, more than ever, we need help.

We are experiencing severe difficulties with the ever-rising costs in basic food items, maintenance and repairs, water, electricity and telephone services, and naturally staff salaries. We are committed to ensuring our staff are well-cared-for and provide them with transport to and from work, as well as a meal and tea during the day.
We would ask that you consider making a regular monthly donation to the hospital to help us with the monumental task of taking care of our revered senior citizens. Please help us to continue to provide a safe, loving and caring environment for all who need it.

There are a number of ways you can donate:

If you are in the UK, you can pay directly into our bank account. The details are:

Barclays Bank
Kensington and Chelsea Branch
Athol Evans Hospital
Account number: 20086592
Sort code: 20-47-34

If you are in Zimbabwe, you can pay directly into one of our bank accounts.
The details are:

CABS Platinum Account
Northridge Park Branch
Athol Evans Trust Account

Ecobank Borrowdale
Combined Service Organisations Trust

You can also donate through Ecocash: 0777239811 (Angela Howard)